ING labs

I did a short internship at then called ING ICEC, it’s now called ING Labs. ING Labs brings disruptive ideas to market by combining our knowledge and network with the knowledge and skills of others.

Winning the
INg hackathon

In the period I did my internship at ING there was an Hackathon in Rotterdam. Together with the design and develop team of ING Labs we participated and won the first price. We got to go to New York. We won the Hackathon with our application called EasyPeasy. The application allows you to make a photo of your receipt when you paid lunch for you and your friends. The algorithm makes each item clickable and you can send the receipt to your friends. Who can each click on the item they had and pay for that part.

Together with some developers and my supervisor we created the IT Canvas (see below). The IT Canvas was created to close the gap and make business, and IT requirements work together. By splitting into 11 different chapters, we facilitate a structured approach to address your IT requirements. For each chapter, we have prepared a set of questions to help you understand what you need and what you should further investigate.

The IT Canvas team is a group of INGers convinced that innovating is the way to bring the world further. Together, Anouk (the designer), Jia (the scientist), Wouter, (the validator) and finally Robin and Santiago (the Consultants) share a broad set of skills which enabled and growth this canvas. 

The Canvas is used and only visible within ING and connect to their wifi

Not only did I do the canvas I also created different things for the start-ups that were at the lab. As you can see above this is a small part of the UX I created for Ridecloud. 

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